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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Stone Age diet - Paleo

A new diet trend develops rapidly worldwide and is literally on everyone's lips. The Paleo diet. Ignorant they describe mostly as Paleo diet. That Paleo but more is a form of nutrition or a setting, as means to an end, is often unknown.

Many start with Paleo because health problems, among others bad blood, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, sleep disorders or depression have.

The success stories regarding the immense improvement of quality of life and health are piling up every day. Where supporters and advocates have this form of nutrition, there are also critics. No wonder, because all the classic rules of nutritional science are placed upside down here. Also the aspect that every body needs other things to work well, you should not ignore. Everyone has a different metabolism, different circumstances and a different constitution, ie basic level, he scored inherited. What for is a good, is not automatically applied to other equally suitable.

In one aspect, the Paleo diet undoubtedly positive, that affects us all: the total actually historically considered only young Western diet, which is based on sugar, processed foods and low-quality fats, is taboo in Paleo. can be prevented, reduced or even cured a variety of diseases of civilization Only by avoiding these products.

But what is Paleo or what makes this type of diet just so healthy?

The principles of the Stone Age diet, named Paleo, reach far back into the history of mankind, and thus are based on the original diet of living in the Paleolithic ago approximately 2.5 million years ago hunters and gatherers. It imitates this with today's available food by and is very focused on the sustainability and high quality of products. So based are foods than people in similar form stood by us during 2.5 million years long evolution available and provide an ideal nutrient for our body.

The diet and their influence on disease

One might think that Stone Age people were not very old. However, was not on the diet, but rather at a high infant mortality, lack of medical care, natural disasters and the wild animals, as natural enemies.

So you go just assume that agriculture has even represents a step backwards in the quality of life and quality of food for us. Why? Hunter-gatherers had a more varied diet and had to work a lot less. They had a more relaxed life, than the later farmers. Because, then fell from a harvest, or died a cow, there was no food for the farmers. Hunter-gatherers found even in bad times always food sources.

In Paleo whilst preserving various foods because they were not around in the Paleolithic simply not available in such large quantities, but rather of because they have a negative effect on the body.

Highly processed foods, cereals and junk food are unhealthy for a variety of reasons:

They usually contain a lot of carbohydrates, which causes the body leaves with too much consumption of it as an energy source and thus may lose its natural ability body fat to convert into energy. As a consequence arising retention of excess sugar as body fat and an increase in blood glucose levels. This can, among other things lead to diabetes due.
Especially processed foods that have lost important nutrients or their components have been changed, have negative consequences on our digestive tract. This can lead to an imbalance in the intestinal flora and inflammatory diseases, which can be chronic in some cases.
Artificial flavor enhancers and signal substances in the brain talk to our reward system. Because they do not contain nutrients that trigger a feeling of satiety, we automatically eat too much of it.
For our immune chronic inflammation mean continuous stress. It will be more susceptible to infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
If one's diet to Paleo to, that does not mean that their standard of living now is to completely give up. It's more a focus on nutritional approaches that have proved effective and the understanding of what our body is doing well. So a combination of Paleo with findings from modern science.


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