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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What is Paleo?

Welcome! Here you can read more about how to naturally build up their health, optimizing diet for lifelong health, increased energy, weight loss, muscle growth and recovery. If you are new here, you can begin by reading short my point here. Want to get started with the diet instantly so you can download the menus is here and read this guide on how to do step by step.

"Paleo" is an abbreviation for the term Paleolithic nutrition. Basically, it is a lifestyle and an attitude to food and health, based on the quality of the food you eat.

Over millions of years, humans lived as hunter-gatherers. Our genes have been developed and adapted to the food we had access to, and the genes expressed, therefore optimally when we consume a diet adapted to our ancient genes. Ill health and disease, your genes in response to new environmental and food as it is not adapted to.

The modern paleo diet is a way of using modern diet mimic human food eaten over millions of years. There we exclude from the diet is the most modern part of the diet that has arisen recently when humans became farmers and the industrial revolution: processed foods, cereals, dairy products, sugar and vegetable oils. Instead, focus paleo diet of root vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

There are many great benefits to eating this way. You will soon notice that you feel and perform better than ever. Smoother and higher energy levels, lower body fat, and better recovery gets most. People with the disease often have a lot of improvements in their symptoms. Stomach problems, autoimmune diseases, skin problems and deficiencies are generally better or even completely asymptomatic. The impact on a number of serious diseases currently under investigation in clinical research studies.

Thousands of people testify how their lives changed when they started to follow this lifestyle and among the elite exercisers, this tool is about to break through. This will be your life's investment in health and well-being, if you succeed in the challenge lay the foundations for a new lifestyle.

YES list:

Eat as much as you want of meat, fish, seafood and eggs
Eat as much as you want of vegetables
Eat healthy fats mainly from animal sources
Eat after hard training: potato, sweet potato, banana
Eat moderately from nuts and seeds
No list

No processed foods - processes makes the body better myself!
No cereal or cereal-like plants like quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat
No legumes such as chickpeas, white beans, black beans (fresh bean pods and peas are ok)
No dairy products: cheese, milk, cream, butter (eggs are not dairy products)
No sugar (honey, concentrated apple juice, syrup or maple sap are just other names for sugar)
No sweeteners. They make you crave sugar and contributes to increased fat mass.


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