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Friday, January 15, 2016

Paleo Carrot Soup with Ginger and Mango

Fruity, exotic, filling: the carrot soup with ginger and mango is a big hit.

Paleo Carrot Soup with Ginger and Mango
Serves 2 // active: 30 minutes // Total: 30 minutes

300 g carrots
1 onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
375 ml vegetable stock
125 ml coconut milk
15g ginger
0.5 Mango
0.5 piece Chili
3 spring onions
1 pinch (es) salt
1 pinch (n) chives and basil for the finishing touches

Carrot and onion peel and cut into chunks. Even Mango peel and also dice. Cut chilli and spring onions into thin slices.
Ginger, peel and cut into slices.
All fry together in a tall pot in a little olive oil. The vegetable stock and cook for about 10 minutes.
Some carrot extract - which come after as pieces back into the soup.
Coconut milk (at room temperature it is usually in the form of creamy) add and then processed into a mass with a blender everything.
Cut remaining carrots into cubes.
Give carrots and mango cubes, in the Carrot soup and heat together. Season with lime juice and salt. To serve, sprinkle with chives and basil.
Fits to

Paleo grain bread without nuts
Avocado chocolate mousse
Carrots soup with ginger and mango HEATING correctly!
Fits well with bad weather days. But almost always tastes the fruity carrot soup with ginger!


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