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Monday, March 21, 2016

Paleo Chicken Soup

A good chicken broth is a panacea. Whether as a drink for colds, as a tonic soup with chicken and vegetables or as bases for sauces, dips and stews. Unfortunately, unfortunately, there are in the supermarket rarely buy a good chicken broth without additives. Even organic chicken broth often contain starch or other additives. Since only one thing helps: The chicken broth just do it yourself.

General Recipe Note: Want to cook this recipe Paleo AIP compliant, replace where appropriate, the Solanaceae and seed spices (such as paprika, chili (paste / pod), curry, nutmeg, mustard, sesame, pepper), for example, with leaf spices such as basil or let them off. also replace ghee by example coconut oil.


2 large onions
1 tsp ghee
1 bunch of soup vegetables (celery, leeks, carrots, parsley)
1 piece chicken soup (at least 1kg)
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tablespoon salt
2 tbsp bay leaves (optional
kitchen Accessories

large cooking pot


The onions in half. Heat a pan with 1 tsp ghee and fry the onion halves on the cut 2 minutes. Then take out of the pan and remove the shell.
The greens brushing, while Peel carrots and celery. In coarse pieces chop and place in a large stockpot. The onion halves surrender. The chicken soup (or the legs & wings) and the peppercorns give together with 3 liters of filtered, cold water into the pot. Add salt.
boil with lid on medium high heat and then leave to simmer for about 1.5 hours on medium heat. skim foam from the surface regularly with a skimmer.
Then strain through a sieve into another pot. The chicken broth on high boil for another 10 minutes and if necessary add salt. The chicken broth either using or immediately enter into airtight containers, seal and refrigerate.
The chicken skin and loosen the meat from the bone with a knife. Either use in soup or other dishes.

Just natural and delicious. And not all that difficult. Once prepared in larger quantities, you can live off this delicious chicken broth for a while.


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