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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shrimp with pumpkin and vegetable sauce

The Pumpkin season started some time ago and my grandparents again delicious pumpkin in her vegetable garden - Bio pur!

Actually I wanted to prepare a puree, but unfortunately it was a little too thin ... therefore there to my garlic and herb shrimp tasty pumpkin and vegetable sauce. What do you to need anything?

preparation time
10 mins
cooking time
25 minutes
total time
35 minutes

400g pumpkin
140g carrots
60g tomato
15g garlic
20g spring onions
270g prawns
5g coconut oil
10g olive oil
Parsley (fresh)
1 pinch of chili
30ml coconut cream
1 pinch of paprika

Peel pumpkin, remove the seeds and fibers and cut into small pieces. up some water, pumpkin, add 5g garlic, chopped spring onions, tomatoes and carrots. Carrots should also be comminuted beforehand. Now everything cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat.
Shrimp with olive oil, chopped garlic, paprika, chili, salt, pepper and chopped parsley rub. stuck on a skewer (not absolutely necessary) and cook for about 10 minutes on the teppanyaki grill.
The water from Stockpot Drain and mix by hand blender - coconut oil, coconut cream, salt, pepper, chili and parsley issued.
distribute pumpkin vegetable sauce on plate and add shrimp skewers.
Nutrition information
Serving size: 2 persons / calories: 561kcal fat: 22g Carbohydrates: 32g Fibre: 14g Protein: 58g Cholesterol: 372mg


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