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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Paleo - Advantages and Disadvantages

As with any diet or diet are also found in Paleo not only advantages. At least it seems in the beginning so that these Paleo diet is associated with a good deal of effort and cost. The extent to which you want the take for himself and his health to be, of course, remains entirely up.

Besides the health benefits brings the Stone Age diet even more advantages. Although Paleo is not a diet but you can certainly lose weight with this diet. Whether intentionally or not, it definitely has a good side effect.

Pro's for Paleo:

No calorie counting: Annoying calorie counting is passé. Due to the healthy food, there is no limit. Exceptions are very sugar-rich fruits and nuts.

No starvation: The protein- and nutrient-rich diet with plenty of vegetables and healthy fats keeps sick long. One begins in the course of time even to eat as much as the body needs. The natural satiety soon again.

No yo-yo effect: Starting with Paleo diet because you want to go on a diet, is the determined one of the most important advantages. Since one mostly eats very little with most diets, the body switches to the emergency program and the basal metabolic rate decreases. While it decreases, but once you begin to eat normally again, the saving mode is still there and it is believed by the increased caloric intake doubled again. People who rely on the stone age diet, which can not pass through the regular and sufficient supply of energy.

No malnutrition: Many diets have to do without certain things. Whether fat, carbohydrates or it may take a while only one kind of food to be. This quickly leads to deficiency symptoms. With the Paleo diet the body gets everything it needs to be healthy, efficient and also to stay slim.

Other benefits include:

improved sleep
Strong immune system
Healthy hair
Good complexion
Improving the ability to concentrate
Optimal digestion
Improvement of blood values

Cons of Paleo:

At first it will be a little shocked when shopping, when you stand on the spot. Shopping for a Paleo diet is not necessarily low. This is also obvious, as it no longer relies on cheap finished products or cereal products, but on as unprocessed, fresh and quality food. If you have little in the household budget can, however, with good planning accept the fact. Finally it comes to their own health.
Some foods do not get on every corner. Therefore, many Paleo Guides also recommend the Internet (for example, Amazon), at least its basic foods, such as nuts, coconut flour, ground almonds, coconut milk, etc. to reflect. They are there also a lot cheaper. Freezer and pantry are therefore the best friends when it comes to saving time and money. They should be used and filled thoroughly.
Also the preparation of food, especially for working people, initially appeared to be associated with a lot of effort and time. It is therefore recommended always to cook in large quantities. Freezing is absolutely welcome and very useful!
Vegans and vegetarians are not the best possible advice in Paleo. For people who want to switch to Paleo, should slowly begin as the body or the digestive again only has to get used to it.
At the beginning of a transition to Paleo so it requires good research and therefore we shall best be one or more good books on the Paleo diet. On the Internet there are good sources of information. This includes useful advice and very detailed descriptions about the diet form Paleo, how best starts and stops and Paleo can integrate into their daily lives. Usually there is a 30-day transition period.

Tips for the main kitchen basics, handy kitchen plus quite tasty and easily nachzukochende Paleo recipes can be found in almost every good book and also on the Internet, as well as here.

So whether the disadvantages are really disadvantages or requires only a habit, everyone has to find out for yourself. Paleo would not prescribe rigid rules, everyone should find their own Paleo way for yourself and try things with which he feels himself most at home.

Finally, it is important to say that without sufficient physical activity, the best diet or diet does not work or is very difficult to success is measured. but Perhaps brings the energy newfound automatically also more like to exercise.


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