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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Paleo Pop Ice Cream

Summer and ice simply belong together! Therefore, we are diligently looking for Paleo compliant alternatives. This time: Paleo Pop Ice Cream made almond milk, peach and banana. Lactose-free and sugar-free - so we like the This recipe is very quick and easy -. You need only a little patience during freezing blank.

Do you still have other ice ideas? From so in the comments!

Paleo pop ice cream


250 ml almond milk
1 frozen banana
2 peaches
1 tsp vanilla powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
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Cut banana into slices and freeze overnight.
Peach seeds and cut into chunks.
Combine all ingredients in a food processor mix - also works with a hand blender.
The peach fill mass into Eisförmchen and from the freezer - the Paleo ice is frozen after about 3 hours.
Fits to

Banana pudding on orange & pomegranate salad
Colorful cauliflower "rice" salad
Our tip

Always have a frozen banana in the freezer - then you can make a relatively short Paleo ice. We can imagine other tasty combinations, for example, with cherries or berries.

This recipe comes from without additional sweeteners - the banana provides enough sweetness. We like to do something Paleo ice on stock and can then freely snacking on hot days.


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