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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Paleo Chicken Salad

Sea salt & pepper
1 soup chicken or 4 breast fillets from poultry
2 tablespoons honey,
1 tablespoon gem.
Turmeric, 1 piece of ginger
1/2 red chili pepper
1 tablespoon naturally fermented soy sauce
1/2  sweet pineapple
1/2  mandarins
1/2  tbsp lime or lemon juice
4 tbsp virgin olive oil, extra virgin sunflower oil or sesame oil
1/2  red or yellow pepper,
1 leek or 2 stalks celery
Bunch spring onions
Fresh coriander or LeafGreen from celery

This chicken salad makes a little effort, but it pays to snip itself. The salad is suitable for parties, picnics and go. Juicy chicken, sour pineapple, sweet mandarins and crisp vegetables gives it an aromatic and juicy chicken salad.
So much time has to be:
Soup chicken with root vegetables cook until tender, or poultry breasts fry:
after purchase Direct: Take the breasts immediately from the plastic bag and place in a bowl. With honey and turmeric reap, add chopped ginger and marinated fillets a few hours (or overnight) in the refrigerator to marinate.
Remove the fillets from the KS. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees convection. Choose a suitable baking dish.
In a pan heat a little oil moderately. Fry the fillets from each side about 1-2 minutes in. Then place them in the baking dish and season on both sides. The fillets 30 minutes by cooking in the oven.
While the poultry by-cooked in the oven, the fruit and vegetables is snipped for the salad:
Half a pineapple peel (center bar removed) and cut into thin pieces. The pineapple pieces with 1 tablespoon honey in a pan caramelize 10-15 minutes on low heat. Optionally, the pineapple can be added raw, but then do not use dairy products, since the enzymes of raw pineapple are not compatible with dairy products.
Half chili pepper seeds and cut very small.
The tangerine peel, cut each fillet into 3 pieces, remove the seeds there.
Select a vegetable inlay: pepper or green onions, leeks or celery?
-Who Likes to cut a skinned pepper small. Given the peppers cook for 1-2 minutes, then remove the skin.
-Who Likes, cuts a leek into thin slices and blanched them for 5 minutes in boiling water. After that scare cold.
-Wer`s Crisp like, cut 2 stalks of celery into thin slices.
1 tablespoon soy sauce, stir 4-6 tablespoons of olive oil and a little lime juice. Fill with remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Cut the chicken into small pieces and lift the gravy with the salad. Garnish with fresh herbs and sliced ​​mandarins. Still warm or cold to enjoy.


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