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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Easy Paleo Pancake with 3 ingredients

To make pancakes with just three ingredients
Hmmm, how good it smells when you wake up on weekends and bake the pancakes already in the pan. But a healthy breakfast actually looks different. Not with this sugarless version.

They're cute, they are soft and they are healthy: pancakes. What, you do not believe? The Paleo-Pancakes from "A Spicy Perspective" but prove otherwise. Because in the pancake is neither wheat nor sugars.

And how are they made? That's easy - you only need three ingredients: eggs, flour and coconut banana. Yes, you read correctly, bananas. Because not only ensure that the dough is nicely creamy, but also for certain sweetness. If you should just give up sugar or flour, from diet or allergy reasons, these pancakes are the perfect alternative - and the breakfast is saved - with no compromises.

3 large ripe bananas
6 eggs
85 g coconut flour
(Coconut oil for frying)
Heat a pan on the stove (medium level). Blending bananas, eggs and coconut flour in a blender and add a pinch of salt. The dough should be thick. If it should be too thin, you still add 1 to 2 tsp coconut flour added.
Coat the pan with a little coconut oil and bake the pancakes in portions. Once on top form bubbles and the bottom is browned nicely (after about 2-4 minutes), contact the pancakes ready to bake.


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